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Did You Know? That this web design software is sometimes offered at a discounted rate, and coupons may be available?

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When you own a powerful webdesign application, you can, at last have the freedom the power to create wonderful, monetized websites, with ease and control.

So why not have a little extra help, by getting our web designer startup pack for free with your purchase of the web design package?

With powerful, built in SEO, your software saves your editing, and backs your site up, every time you press publish.

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This very website was built by XSitePro, and, in honour of the unique, web design software, we offer a special startup package to enrich your new venture.

How do you build your website?

After all, is you aim to easily build profitable websites, and have those sites ranking in the search engines?

And while you are thinking about what to create, would you say that there are already people searching for that exact type of site, right now.

Would you build a sales based website? 

Or possibly a client based site, that you can sell, and maintain?

You need to know clearly in your mind how to monetize your website before you start the designing process.

Building your new website.

This is the point where you open the program, and pick a template from the vast selection of built in templates.

You might want to change an element of a template, and maybe add some pictures, and text, to the existing templates, graphics manipulation is totally beyond the scope of any website building software, but...

Your complimetary PowerUser Tips book reveals free and easy ways to alter your graphics, and edit your templates, making them more appealing, and unique to you, and Google loves uniqueness.

If you need something really different, then feel free to adapt one of our salespage graphics bonus packs, exclusive minisite templates.


Adding Your Website Content


As you start to fill your pages with content, you are given a helping hand by a world beating collection of over 135,000 free private label articles, in over 1000 categories, included in the content bonuses. That is over 60 million words!

XSP PowerUser Tips sets you off in the right direction for your first website.


Graphics and Images Give Life to Your Pages


Pages of plain text appear boring, so you should add life to your site with images, or photos.

There are literally thousands of high quality images included in the graphics bonuses.

With the basics now complete, you move on to monetize the website, perhaps you will place ads on site, that's childsplay with our software.

But how about selling your own digital products, and being paid, directly into your Paypal account?

Even this has been made easy for you, by the inclusion of the private label rights products bonus pack, where you can sell them, as your own, and keep all the money.

Finishing Your Website

Your site is nearly complete, but you still need a couple of finishing touches, , having decided on your price for your "own" products, choose a nice price tag from the bonus images pack.

All that remains now is to choose the guarantee type, select your guarantee icon from the pack, add it to the page, and you are good to go!

How do you become a webmaster?  hold on...

Hit the publish button, and your site is live.

"That is as easy as it gets, welcome to the world of web publishing."

This excellent bonus offer is free, but only to new buyers from this site, to help you on your web design journey.

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To avoid any confusion

Your Official XSitePro 2.5 web design software is still ordered, and despatched, directly from the developer, Intellimon Ltd.

Your startup pack is sent independently.

Your fully licensed copy is sent with your order from Intellimon Ltd, this gives you exactly the same rights, and exactly the same software, so you get my bonuses, plus, you get Intellimon's own bonuses too...

 A win win situation!

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 Poweruser tips book

Discover PowerUser Tips

2013 Edition Of PowerUser Tips

This all new, 2013 poweruser tips book is your guide to starting out in the world of domain names, hosting, and website creation.

The whole process can be a little daunting, so you can draw on my experience with site building, and my methods of getting you off to the best possible start.

XSitePro poweruser contents

I do remember starting out, and the difficulties I faced, so this PowerUser guide was created to help you, as much as possible.


Cut Price Domain Names

Aftermarket Domains Poor domain names are virtually worthless, yet the best domains can cost thousands, and that is a massive hurdle when you are just starting out, so this next part is pure gold.

All buyers are exclusively rewarded with a jaw dropping 50% discount on ANY domain names, at the premier aftermarket domain resellers, AftermarketDomains.org, and, for your exact match domains, you have the same 50% off domains at ExactMatchDomainName.com 

That's right, 50% off any domains of your choice, this exclusive offer is unique to this website, and there are plenty of profitable domains to choose from.

Just be quick, because I don't know how long this offer can stay open!

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Have you ever used some software, and thought, WOW, this is fantastic?
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Your Triple Pledge From Intellimon 

Customer Service Pledge

We are so sure that you'll be overjoyed with your new XSitePro Web Site Designer that we provide you with a unique 'Triple Strength' Customer Service Pledge.
Pledge #1 If for ANY reason you are not one hundred percent happy with your purchase of XSitePro just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. You don't even need to provide us with a reason if you don't want. Sounds good!

Pledge #2 If you have ANY trouble building your web site, or need any advice, we will be happy to help you for a full ninety days - at absolutely no cost to you. No premium phone lines, no expensive support contracts to take out - just good old fashioned help. We want you to be overjoyed with your purchase, so you can rest assured that we will always be there to help you, which is more than you can say for the big guys who are happy to sell you high priced software and then leave you stranded when you run into a problem.

Pledge #3 There's nothing worse than having to hang around waiting for a reply to an e-mail or support ticket you've sent in. We know because, like you, we experience that kind of service ourselves every single day. These days it seems normal to have to wait for days, even weeks to get a reply. Not with XSitePro. We promise to reply to ALL communications sent during the working week (Monday through to Friday) within 24 hours - period! We take great pride in the speed with which we reply, and we're so confident that you WILL get your reply within 24 hours (usually much less) we will donate $100 to your favorite charity should it turn out that we didn't reply within 24 hours.


So, Order Right Now, And Start Building a New Career in Web Design, The Easy Way, Building Websites With Our Startup Pack!

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Enjoy designing websites, and your bonuses, Pete Lauder

ps, any updates are yours for life, so your content stays fresh and relevant.

pps, if, for any reason, you decide that the website builder is not for you, then you can still keep the bonuses, with my compliments, you be the judge...